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Why the Nuts Challenge?

By Ben Williams – Managing Director of John F Hunt Remediation As some of you know, my 8 year son, Harry, died suddenly in February after contracting meningitis.  Prior to this I knew very little about the illness.  I was a parent who thought that meningitis immunizations protected against all strains and that ‘it could never happen to one of mine.’  Needless to say I’ve become a bit of an unwilling expert in meningitis and feel that a little bit of fundraising effort from me could help prevent someone else going through the same experience.  Along with Tom Brankley and Stuart Carroll (of John F Hunt), family members and friends, I will be taking part in the Nuts challenge in September (  We are doing this to raise money for charity and to raise awareness of the illness – which takes its toll on people of all ages and often harms otherwise fit and healthy children. We have chosen an event which would have appealed to Harry’s fun loving nature and one which appeals to Tom and Stuart’s love of mud and water! All donations will go entirely to Meningitis Now, the charity chosen by me as they are supporting Harry’s 7 year old sister and best friend, Jessica, whilst we all try to come to terms with the new ‘normal’.   All donations no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated. You can donate now at: Click on 'Fundraising for Harry' where you will see a description of The Nuts Challenge 2015, and then select 'Donate Now'. PLEASE: Donate specifically to this event so we can keep tabs on the total amount raised by this Nuts Challenge. Remember - all donations go entirely to the charity which is making a difference to many people on a daily basis. Thank you. Harry Harry – Lake Como – August 2014
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