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Cambridge University Demolition Coming to a Close

The demolition of the Triangle site at Cambridge University  is coming to a close and all works will be completed on the 4th September. We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone local to the site for all for your patience, understanding and continued support during the demolition of the former Cambridge University Press building. cambridge progress The site is now flattened and we are busy removing the slab and foundations and stockpiling the crushed material at the southern end of the site. We were able to remove the slab and foundations of the Edinburgh Building and Low Bay Warehouse by pulling them up using our largest machine with a ripper tooth attachment, but unfortunately the slab to the High Bay Warehouse is too thick for this method and needs to be broken using the hydraulic breakers prior to going through the crusher. cambridge Once the all debris removed we will begin to move the accommodation and machinery off site for ready for the commencement of the building programme.

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