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On the August 16th  Phill Cunningham, Assistant Manager of Thameside Lifting, will be peddling 73 miles around the wilds of Colchester, taking part in the Wiggle Sportive Bicycle Ride 'The Only Way'. The Only Way Sportive starts at the home of Colchester FC and takes riders into Essex along a scenic course, visiting many historical Essex villages where the Roman and Saxon influences can be seen, before turning North and into Suffolk where the most northerly point of the route is....
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Last Month's Hazard Spotter Award Goes to Matt Hunn!
John F Hunt Demolition wins Last month’s Hazard Spotter Award at Bradwell! This went to Matt Hunn who was awarded a £50.00 voucher, for bringing to the Managements attention that the lifting plan was not fully understood by the new Slingers on site. Matt highlighted that there was little confidence from many of the new slingers on site, from all trades, when reading and signing up to the Lifting Plan.  Following on from these comments,  all Slingers were ask to attend an...
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