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Essex-based Mardyke Valley Golf Club Is Expanding!
Course Manager, Dave Webster, recently employed new apprentice Alex Lamb, to learn all there is to know about keeping Mardyke Valley Golf Course in prime condition throughout the year. The magnificent par 70 Essex golf course has an excellent reputation and is groomed by a fine team of experienced Green Keepers who all hold NVQ levels 2, 3 and 4 qualifications, with Daniel Farrer recently completing his Toro Mechanics course. Over 50 new trees have now been planted on the Course this...
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Amosite Asbestos Removal in Bradwell
John F Hunt Demolition’s January ‘Hazard Spotter Award’, at Bradwell Power Station. The hazard spotted was Amosite Asbestos, found by our John F Hunt Demolition gang, whilst stripping one of the roofs at Bradwell. The area had previously been cleared of asbestos, but when the Amosite Asbestos was found, the risk of spreading and contaminating others was minimised by the quick response of the whole team on site. Our client thanked everyone for averting a potential problem and commented on their good set...
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Demolition & Redevelopment at Cambridge University
John F Hunt is about to begin a 22 week demolition and redevelopment project in Cambridge, on behalf of Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University’s International Exams Group. The demolition site is "The Triangle" that is situated just off Shaftsbury Road at Cambridge University. The demolition works include the relocation of bats, asbestos removal, environmental monitoring, site isolations and careful demolition using long reach excavators. Due to the close proximity of the residential blocks which will remain in use throughout the project, John F Hunt...
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Remediation Clean Up at Stratford
And so the Remediation at Stratford begins… John F Hunt Remediation has commenced the clean-up of 26 acres of land in Stratford on behalf of Vastint. The works will comprise the excavation and cleaning of some 200,000m3 of soil. We will be tackling a legacy of industrial usage by means of steam injection and ex-situ soil cleaning techniques. Find out more about our Land Remediation Services here.
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John F Hunt Works With Natural England & The National Trust in Devon
John F Hunt has diverted a 200m stretch of the River Culm in Devon in order to allow a legacy culvert structure to be removed and remediation to be completed on the former DS Smith Paper Mill site. In addition to working with the Environment Agency and Local Authority to address flood and contamination risks, John F Hunt has worked with Natural England and the National Trust in order to ensure that the works take into consideration a bat population. The site...
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Event Power Services in Newcastle, The Enchanted Park
John F Hunt Power, Birtley depot supplied their Event Power Services for the second year running at the Enchanted Park at Saltwell Park, Gateshead. Enchanted park is now in its 9th year and is an ‘innovation after dark arts adventure’ which sees Gateshead Saltwell Park transformed through visual arts, performance and interactive works. This year’s event told the story of Estella, a young girl who lived inside Saltwell Towers and who was fascinated by the stars that shone brightly above her, as...
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