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John F Hunt Demolition gets in touch with its feminine side!

One of our latest demolition projects has started in London at Fenchurch Avenue and is now well underway. We have already gone in and set up smart blue hoarding and sparkly white John F Hunt Monarflex to protect the area, however this time the site has a bit more of a twist - flower boxes! Fenchurch Steet Monarflex It was Nick Ward, the Contracts Manager on this job that spotted the window boxes on the building when John F Hunt first moved in to begin works on site. He asked for them to be removed from the window ledges, watered and nurtured until such time that the hoarding around the site was complete. He then requested for the shelves to be painted and attached to the hoarding and the planters duly positioned - and jolly lovely they look too! Fenchurch LondonThe scope of works on this project comprises an asbestos survey, asbestos removal, soft strip, scaffold and hoarding erection, followed by demolition to the ground floor slab. Stage 1 will require the propping of the retaining wall with ground floor slab removal, whereas stage 2 will see the propping of a further retaining wall with archaeological attendance, and the installation of a pile mat in buildings 10, 12-14 Fenchurch Avenue, 117,118,119 and 120 Fenchurch Street. photo The Client on this project is Saxon Land, with Arup as Contract Administrators, Gleeds as the PQS and Jackson Coles as CDMC. The project is registered with both the ‘Corporation of London Considerate Contractors Scheme’ and the National Scheme. Everyone involved on this project is looking to work with Tower Hamlets College in helping long term unemployed people to get back to work. John F Hunt Demolition Ltd and Land Securities Properties Limited have agreed to work together to deliver the Land Securities Employment Strategy. John F Hunt has agreed to become a Contractor Partner to open up opportunities for learners who have been engaged through the Land Securities Pre-employment Sector Based Work Academy for Construction. To find out more about the project, or demolition and asbestos removal services we offer contact us here.